Sell Tactical Gear for Cash

Sell Tactical Gear at B & B Pawn and GunsThere are times we find ourselves in a predicament needing some cash and are searching for ways to make it happen.  Whether it’s to get caught up on bills, an emergency or seeing something that you cannot wait to have, cash always seems in short supply.  Then, you open the closet and see your rangefinder and night vision goggles that do not connect to your new tactical watch.  That’s where B & B Pawn and Guns comes in!  Because you can sell tactical gear to us that you no longer use and get the cash you need!

Best Cash Offers to Sell Tactical Gear

To get the most cash possible from something, it is essential to have an accurate appraisal.  We are staffed with certified credentials and experienced associates to do just that.  It’s our business to find the value in tactical gear and turning it into the most cash possible!

When you bring your tactical gear to our store, you will be directed to the best in the business.  First, he will establish that all functions are in working order.  Then he will look over the external condition of the item and note its visual appeal.  After that, and a quick reference to the fair market value that it goes for, he can equate that into cash to present to you.

If you have the original box or packaging, receipts of purchase or certificates of authenticity it will increase the amount of cash we can offer!

All of our appraisals are complimentary and they do not obligate you to accept our cash offers!

Have Cash in Your Hands in Just Minutes

Upon accepting our offer, we need to complete the paperwork before we hand you the money.  All that is required is a valid and current ID and a few signatures.  From the time you enter the store, to the time we are counting out your cash can take only 5 minutes.  It really is that simple and can take care of your need for cash that quickly!!

What Types of Tactical Gear We Buy

Tactical Watch with GPS NavigationIt’s truly amazing what this industry has found to protect us from gunfire.  For example, the recent times have stirred a cause of concern of personal safety around the country.  However, modern body armor has created new and innovative ways to cover us.  Its versatility allows us to even place the protective plates in pockets of clothing. In addition, with 5 levels of protection based on round coverage, it has brought it to the forefront of tactical gear and practicality. This is one of the many areas of tactical gear we here at B & B Pawn and Guns are engaged in buying.

Because tactical gear has extended in just about every realm imaginary for the military, first responders , police & civilians, there is a plethora to choose from to buy and sell.  We would love to be able to take it all, but it is not a realistic ability to do so.  We’ve considered what serves the community the best, and are focused to do just that.

The following items of tactical gear we will buy, regardless of the brand:

*By clicking the bottom right, you can engage an associate via Live-Chat.  We will answer any questions you have and/or start the paperwork before you even arrive at our store!

**You also can receive swift answers to your questions by texting us at (480) 391-9640.

B & B Pawn & GunsSecure a Pawn Loan with Tactical Gear is also an Option

Realistically, not everyone is willing to sell their tactical gear, no matter what the circumstances.  B & B Pawn and Guns completely respects that decision.  We can provide a secured loan with your tactical gear as collateral.  All pawn loans are for 90 days.  Once the loan is paid and satisfied, your tactical gear will be returned to you that same day!!  We also accept handguns, pistols, shotguns, rifles and their accessories as collateral for pawn loans.