B & B Pawn and Guns is the one stop Mesa Gun Store for all Mesa citizens!  Because we’ve worked over the last few yearsMesa Gun Store - Buy - Sell - Pawn Firearms and Accessories to bring our customers a variety of services that can help them.  Whether it is to get fast cash when needed or buying guns and accessories.  In addition, our unique services allow us to build an inventory rivaled by none in the area, and have guns readily available for sale.  If you’re looking for a Mesa gun store to buy, pawn or sell, then you’ve found the place: B & B Pawn and Guns.


Pawn Guns! (Cash Loans on Guns)

A fast, safe and secure way to put cash in your pocket when in need is through your gun.  Often when we purchaseCash in your hands for 90 day pawn loans something expensive, we think that money is lost.  This is far from the truth as you can use that equity – that value – to secure a loan at your local pawn shop!  Pawning guns is how you do this.  As a result, it allows you to take the value back out of your gun without having to sell it outright.  Our experienced pawnbrokers inspect your used gun, check out the value, and then give you cash on the spot!

Getting a pawn loan on your gun secures you that cash for a full 90 days.  Whenever you’re ready to pick it up, you just pay off the loan in full, (including the interest charges).  After that, we’ll return your gun to you and you’re on your way!  During this period, your gun sits in our secure and safe storage facility untouched until your return.  If you need cash in Mesa, Tempe, or Chandler, B & B Pawn and Guns is your gun store to visit to pawn your gun.

Sell Guns Too!

Gun loans are not the only way to get cash on the spot.  You can also sell guns for the most cash possible at B & B Pawn and Guns!  No matter if they’reSell guns for cash used, rare, antique, vintage, rifles, shotguns, whatever – we pay cash for guns!  Whether you’re looking to upgrade, to trade, or just need the cash, we will pay cash for guns seven days a week no matter your situation.  Therefore if you’re in Mesa, Chandler, or Tempe, selling guns to B & B Pawn and Guns is the best way to put cash in your pocket.

The best part about this is we can help you before you even come down to our gun store!  Via our live chat, (click on the bottom right of your screen) we can give you an estimated amount of cash you can receive for your gun on-line.  In addition, this gets the process started, or our assistant can help you evaluate other financial options available to you.  Because B & B Pawn and Guns is here to serve no matter where you’re from!

Buy Guns from Our Exclusive Inventory

Given that we buy, sell, and pawn guns seven days a week, we also build up an immense inventory of used and rare guns. Buy new or used guns and accessories at B & B Pawn and Guns These are for sale to all our customers from Mesa to Tempe to Chandler!  By all means, come on down to our Mesa gun store and browse what’s currently available and see what special deals we have for you.  We often can get them at amazing prices, and are able to pass those savings down to our customers.

In addition, we also now sell new handguns, rifles, shotguns and some accessories at our store.  Please ask an associate to show you the most popular firearms that we have in the case, directly from our gun distributors!

Mesa Gun Store - B & B Pawn and GunsBuy, Pawn or Sell

Taurus ~ Glock ~ SIG Sauer ~ Ruger ~ Smith & Wesson ~ Mossberg ~ Springfield Armory ~ Browning ~ & More!

FFL Transfers Also Available

As any gun owner probably knows, in order to take possession of a gun that is purchased and shipped, it has to go through a third party that holds a “Federal Firearm License” (FFL).  Many gun stores, like B & B Pawn and Guns, hold these and thus can be that party. 

As an FFL Dealer, we log any firearms that come through our store.  In addition, we run the necessary background checks to ensure that any firearm that crosses state lines, or bought online is released and approved by the ATFL.  When you’re in need of an FFL Transfer to acquire your new firearm, our transfer fee is only $25.  Most importantly, we are here to provide FFL Transfers for our customers seven days a week!

B & B Pawn and Guns is Mesa’s leading gun store, pawn shop and more, just like we have been for the last decade, and years to come.  No matter if you’d like to buy or sell a gun, or get a cash loan utilizing its equity, we’re your one stop gun shop! 

If you have anymore questions, please click on the bottom right to reach us via our live chat or text at (480) 391-9640.  This makes us easy to reach and ready to help the East Valley get the cash they need!

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