Are you in need of some extra cash? Maybe you need new tires or a trip to the emergency room has you strapped financially. Bring in and sell shotguns to us at B & B Pawn and Guns! Free yourself from the stress of debt and put some cash in your pocket.



The Best Offers, from the Best Pawn and Gun Store!

Sell shotguns for fast cash at B & B Pawn and Guns to receive the most cash possibleLocated off of East Main Street in Mesa, Arizona, we answer the call when you need cash quickly!

Our loyal and dedicated manager has the cash offer you need when you sell shotguns to our store! Bring in your shotgun to us and we will make you the best offer possible! Because his expertise and knowledge of shotguns hits with accuracy to put cash in your hands! To start, he will make sure the shotgun is in good working order. After that he will consider the exterior condition, and sum up the fair market value. As a result, a cash amount will be presented to you.

Any questions you might have, you can send us a text at 480-391-9640. Just about seven days a week, we'll have someone on standby to answer your question or provide quotes if possible.

You can also use our live chat at the bottom right of the screen instead.  Both options will get you one of our trained pawnbrokers in as little as a few minutes to help put fast cash in your pocket.  From Mesa to Chandler, B & B Pawn and Guns is the number one pawn and gun shop in town paying cash for shotguns and accessories seven days a week.



What Kind of Shotguns Do We Buy?

Sell Shotguns to B & B Pawn and Guns, all kinds, makes and models. Whether it's a single-shot, pump-action or semi-automatic we want you to sell your shotguns to us!

Sell shotguns for the most cash possible to B & B Pawn and GunsHere's just a starter's list of shotguns we buy:


Your Accessories Add More Cash to Your Pile!

Any accessories, big or small, adds up to more cash for you! Whether it's a pistol grip, shell holder, buttstock or a drum magazine, we will buy them! In addition, we also will buy full boxes of ammo as well! It does not have to be the ammo for the firearm you're only has to be a complete box of ammo (in the box). Our store does not accept or offer any cash for reloaded or loose ammo.

East Valley's #1 Pawn Shop is B & B Pawn and Guns!

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