Sell Guns at B & B for the Most Cash Today!

Sell guns for the mot cash possible at B & B Pawn and GunsThese days, there are more of us than not, looking for ways to put extra cash in our pockets. Some are looking to make their monthly bills, while others have an unexpected emergency where they need fast cash. B & B Pawn and Guns may be the valued help you are looking for! Come on in to our store and sell guns to us and put that money in your pocket! We accept any and all firearms! Whether its a pistol, handgun, shotgun, rifle or semi-automatic rifle, we will put cash in your hand!

Assessments Begin the Process to Sell Guns

From antiques, classics or the most recent editions of firearms, he has the experience and know-how to give you most cash today! So bring any handguns, like a Beretta 92, S & W Model 36 or your Colt 1911 for a valuation. In addition, we gladly will make the best offers on rifles and shotguns. For example a Mossberg 500 Series, Remington 870, or M4 Carbine just to name a few.

How Does Selling My Gun Work?

We value being the store you come to when you sell guns to B & B Pawn and GunsThe process is incredibly simple: just bring it to our Mesa location!  We have a great staff that will examine the the exterior of the gun, for it’s visual appeal, and then make sure that it is in good working order .  When you come and bring a gun to our store, make sure you bring any and all accessories you have for it.  Magazines, sights, extra ammo, gun safes, a gun case, safety equipment, even ammo that maybe doesn’t fit in your gun but you happen to have around is fine for us!  We will buy all your guns, and whatever gun accessories you might have. 

When you sell your gun to us, we’re always working to get you the most cash possible.  So if you can drag down some accessories with you, even paperwork you have that came with the gun, we can give you even more fast cash on the spot.

Yes, We Buy Accessories and Boxed Ammunition Too!

When you bring in your firearm to sell, bring in any accessories and boxed ammo along! These items add up quickly and you will walk out with the more cash! Therefore, holsters, empty magazines, clips. targets, eye and ear protection and tactical gear will raise our offer presented. Also boxed ammo is a great way to make the stack of cash higher!

*Please note – We only accept and buy complete boxes of ammunition for firearms. We cannot accept loose ammo.

Get a Head Start Before You Even Get Here!

B & B Pawn and Guns - Sell Guns for the most cash possibleWe are happy to answer any questions you have! Text questions at any time, night or day to (480) 610-1240. If after hours, we will respond the following day.

Another option is to click at bottom right of the screen on to our live-chat. An associate will be able to start the paperwork even before you arrive. Mention the live-chat upon arrival to continue where you left off and save yourself more time!