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When we need fast cash, you start wishing you could take cash back out of the items you paid a lot of money for.  Because, you know these items hole their value, and still look brand new.  But how are we supposed to get our money back out?  The  answer is, visit the premier pawn shop, B & B Pawn and Guns, and get a pawn loan Mesa residents!

A pawn loan is a simple way to turn any valuables you own into fast cash.  Because this lending is based on a percentage of the resale value that your item holds!  Therefore, the amount you can get relies on three things.

  1. How well the gun holds it value.
  2. Its internal and external condition of the gun.
  3. And the current market value. 

These loans are perfect for unexpected situations because they allow you to literally have cash in your hand within minutes of walking into B & B Pawn and Guns.  We don't discriminate about what items we will make a pawn loan on. If it holds a value of $200 or more, we can loan on it!

How Exactly Does A Pawn Loan Work?

A pawn loan is a written contract, for 90 days, for the principal, plus the accrued interest.  The contract states, that at any time you are welcome to make payments, or pay off the loan in full.  Therefore, there is no set payment schedule, aside paying it by the 90th day. 

Now, when you hit your maturity date(the final day of your 90 day term) you’re left with three choices. 

  1. You come in and simply pay off the interest due on the gun loan, and it can be rewritten for another 90 days,
  2. You can come and pay the interest plus the amount that we loaned to you and take your gun back home or
  3. If you’re truly in times of financial disparity, you can let the gun go and we will take it in lieu of payment. 

This is where we try to help, and can be extremely flexible, if you come in and talk to us.  Because we want to help you if we can, to once again have your gun back.  Although we are in the business of lending money via pawn loans, it's to help people get the cash they need.  Most importantly, we make it our mission to always do everything in our power to help our customers! Not to take ownership of their belongings.

B & B Pawn and Guns is the premier pawn shop in Mesa, Tempe, Chandler and Gilbert.  Thereby, we are always doing all we can to ensure our customers are getting the most cash possible for their valuable items!

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