The Mesa Gun Shop – B & B Pawn and Guns

Firearms have always been a core deterrent in defending us from troubled times. They can also be used for a new purpose: A deterrent on your debts. It can also be a means to get some extra cash. Thanks to our Cash Loans, B & B Pawn and Guns is a Mesa Gun Shop you can turn to.

Mesa Gun Shop

So you’re not a Mesa “Gun Shop?”

Not in the traditional sense of purchasing a firearm. Instead our focus is treating it like any item you would send to a pawn shop. We want to make sure that the distinction is clear. After all, you’ll receive money from us from lending your gun to us temporarily.

How does the process get started?

You would bring the firearm (no ammunition inside said firearm) as well as confirmation that this is your own personal firearm via authentication papers. We’ll also need an Arizona State Issued Driver’s License to verify identity. Once we have said items, we’ll finalize the process by filling out some paperwork. We’ll also do a field inspection of the firearm to ensure its condition and overall worth. The time to do all this is usually less than one hour. The process can even be done in five minutes!

We wish to make this process as simple as possible and to focus on making our loan process nice and quick. The last thing you need is a major holdup of funding; but we will be serious about the process as well. Since we are dealing with firearms, it means there are extra steps we must take. Fortunately, we have experience to handle this process. So if you are looking for money from your guns, B & B Pawn and Guns will help you overcome your financial debts. Contact us for details!