When it comes to semi-automatic guns and rifles at the shooting range, practice makes perfect. That’s why it is always best to be prepared with an extra magazine or two all ready to lock and load. So, if you are wanting to sell magazines, bring them to B & B Pawn and Guns for the best offers possible!


We Want to Buy if You Want to Sell Magazines!

When it comes to magazines, we will buy them from you! Whether you bring them in along with your Glock 19 or brought just your extra mags, we will take them off your hands for cash! We take all types and all brands! In addition, we will take mags with 15 round capacity, 30 round capacity or more!

Sell Magazines to B & B Pawn and Guns with our without your firearm today We are currently seeking the following kinds & brands:


Cash for Magazines in Minutes!

We want your gun and rifle mags!  Luckily, Arizona does not have any restrictions on magazine capacity, so bring them down to our store!

We want to give you the most cash possible, so here are some helpful hints. First and foremost, please bring in your magazines empty! Second, if you have the original packaging, case or receipt of purchase, it will increase our offer. Finally, if they have been used, give them a quick once over and wipe them down.


Any and All Accessories for Firearms Adds to the Cash Stack!

With every addition you have made to your gun or rifle, you have also added to its value! Therefore, any extras such as scopes, clips, gun racks, cleaning kits or stock systems we will make you a cash offer.

If you have any questions, the number to text us is on the bottom left or under the menu “Contact Us”. Whether it is night or day we will respond as quickly as possible with an answer.

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