Pawn Guns Mesa for Fast Cash at B & B Pawn and Guns

Pawn Guns Mesa Residents for the Most Cash Possible in Your Hands !


Gun Owners in the Gilbert, Chandler, Tempe or Mesa areas, you can get the cash you need  when you go to B & B Pawn and Guns.  And when it comes to getting the most cash to pawn guns Mesa relies on our pawn shop's cash offers.  Because we know that  are dealing with people who know how well their firearms hold their value.  Most importantly, we are determined to be the one who turns our offer into cash in your hands!  

What Kind of Guns Can I Pawn?

B & B Pawn and Guns will provide you with a gun loan on any type of firearm. Whether you have long guns or handguns, we are the preferred pawn shop in the East Valley.  Because we translate the value of your guns, into cash in your hands, and quickly!

Pawn guns for fast cash at B & B Pawn and Guns to receive the most cash possible

  • Pistols - Semi-Automatic, Blowback and Locked Breech
  • Revolvers - Single-Action and Double-Action
  • Rifles - Level-Action, Bolt-Action, Semi-Automatic, Pump-Action, and Break-Action
  • Shotguns - Pump-Action, Semi-Automatic, Bolt-Action, and Lever-Action

We can even give you far more money for your gun if you bring any extra accessories, paperwork, or cases with it.  You can bundle your gun, accessories (such as safety equipment, magazines, ammo, sights, scopes, et al.,) under one pawn ticket, to increase the amount of cash you receive.

How Exactly Does Pawning A Gun Work?

We offer the highest amount possible, and turn it into cash fast when you pawn guns Chandler and Mesa residents!

A pawn loan is also known as a secured loan or collateral loan.  To clarify, the loan and its amount is based on the value of the items you bring in to our store, to "secure the loan".  Once the valuation of the item(s) are completed, an offer is presented, and up to the customer to accept or decline.  Upon accepting the offer, all that is needed is your valid Arizona ID or Driver's License, and a few signatures for the paperwork.  After that, we count out the cash, and hand it to you!     

No Credit Check - Proof of Income - Or Need To Verify Employment For a Pawn Loan!  

At B & B Pawn and Gold, our pawn loans are for a total of 90 days.  Thereby, you can pay back the principal plus the accrued interest at any time, and retrieve your firearm.  In fact, if you satisfy the loan prior to the 60th day, we will deduct a redemption discount, lessening your out of pocket cost, to have your gun back, once again.

B & B Pawn and Guns has been proudly serving the areas of Mesa, Gilbert, Queen Creek, and Chandler, for over a decade.  Most importantly, we are always doing the most we can to give its customers the most cash possible quickly!

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