These days, making ends meet is quite stressful at times. When you have unexpected expense, you need to find a tangible way to get some extra cash! As a result, you are looking at your Ruger LCP to sell, but cannot part with it. We have a viable option that will help!  Bring it down to our store and we will offer you the most cash possible when you pawn guns Mesa residents!


We Offer Pawn Loans on Handguns and Long Guns!

At B & B Pawn and Guns we are very well versed in firearms, and are able to make the highest cash offer for a revolver, pistol, rifle or shotgun! If you have more than one firearm, or bring with it the holster and boxed ammunition we will fill your pocket with cash! Because our aim is to relieve your financial stress now, while knowing your gun is safe in our vault until it is back in your hands! In as little as 5 minutes you can have cash you need with a secured loan.  We can loan on a range of firearms, like a Colt 1911, Glock G23 9mm, Beretta M9 or Henry X Model .410 shotgun, just to name a few!


Your Collateral Loan is Hassle Free!

A pawn loan is money lent, using something of monetary value to borrow money. Therefore, there is no hassle of credit checks or needing proof of income. When you come to our store with your gun, a qualified staff member will assess the fair market value of the firearm. Its valuation is based on all parts being in working order, in addition to its visual appeal and condition. After that, we will present you with a cash offer.

Once the offer is accepted, we will need a current ID proving you are 18 or older. After that, a few signatures and you are on your way with the cash you need.


Terms of Pawn Loans

The collateral loan is for 90 days. We gladly accept early payment of the loan and will not add any penalty fees. In addition, we also can extend your loan if you are unable to pay in full within that time. With the interest paid to date, we will extend the loan another 90 days. Above all, we want to return your Smith & Wesson to you, as soon as your able to pay off your loan.


Add More to Your Cash Offer with Ammunition and Accessories!

If you want to get the most cash in one trip, bring along your gun holster and or ammunition to raise your cash offer! We gladly will offer you cash as a bundle on a loan or just the ammo by itself. Whether the brand is Hornady, Remington UMC 380 or 115-grain FMJ UMC, we are your pawn shop!

*Please note: We are only able to accept boxed ammo. We cannot accept any loose or reloaded ammunition.

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