In this day and age we all can use more money! So, isn't it time to sell rifles that are only collecting dust these days? Your rifle can make that cash flow a little smoother and build that emergency fund a little faster too! At B & B Pawn and Guns we will give you the best cash offer for your rifles and accessories!


You Have the Sights, We Have the Cash to Buy Rifles!

We have cash to put in your hands today for your rifle, its sling, butt-stocks, sights and scopes. Any accessories that you have for your rifle, we want them too! We are eager to make an offer on your hand-guard, rail-systems, foregrips or complete boxes of ammo.

Please note: We do not allow or offer cash for loose or reloaded ammo.

Sell rifles for fast cash at B & B Pawn and Guns to receive the most cash possibleA sample of rifles to sell B & B Pawn and Guns:

  • Brownell's BRN-605
  • Ruger 10/22 .22LR Carbine
  • Ruger American Rifle 338
  • Savage 110 Engage Hunter XP
  • Savage Mark II 22 LR
  • Rossi R92 Lever Action
  • And the list is almost limitless!


What to Consider to Sell Your Rifle

Sell Rifles Mesa residents at B & B Pawn and GunsThere are certain factors to consider when selling a rifle. That we know, and that is why we have an expert that knows firearms like the back of his hand. Once you and your rifle enter the store, our manager will take care of your needs! First, he will inspect the interior and inner workings of the rifle to ensure it can fire a shot. After that, the outer exterior is looked over to note how well it has been taken care of. Because these are important elements that effect the fair market value, and the amount of cash we offer.

Once the offer is accepted, we need your current and valid ID. Finally we will need a few signatures to seal the deal and hand you cash. In as little as 15 minutes you could be walking out the door with cash in hand!  Because B & B Pawn and Guns knows how to turn offers into cash quickly!


We Will Answer Your Questions

If you have questions during closed hours of the store, send us a text! We will send you a reply before the store opens for business.

We also have the option of live-chat if you click on the bottom right of the page. An associate will be able to answer your questions & even get your paperwork started on-line.

B & B Pawn and Guns is proud to have served the East Valley for over a decade!

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