B & B Pawn and Guns – Licensed FFL Transfers Dealer

B & B Pawn and Guns provides FFL transfers Mesa residentsIn most cases now a days, FFL Transfers are a part of the gun buying experience.  If you are wanting to buy a firearm online, from a private seller or have a firearm cross state lines legally, you will need to 2 FFL Dealers to do so.  Fortunately, here at B & B Pawn and Guns, we not only sell new and used guns, we extend our services to help with your FFL Transfer needs.

Preparation Is the Key

Unless the seller of the firearm is a licensed Federal Firearms Licensee, you are going to need to find a local FFL dealer to ship to a receiving FFL Dealer to complete the transfer.  Directories like Gunbrokers.com or FFLGundealers.com list the nearest dealers to you, in your state.  Then, you are going to want to contact the Outgoing FFL Dealer, get a copy of their license to give to seller.  As well as let the dealer know when to expect the firearm, and their part in completing FFL transfers for you.

Here is a link to copy or download our B & B Pawn and Guns current FFL Dealer License.

Outgoing FFL Transfers Fees

Handguns, our fee is $50 plus shipping costs.

Long guns fee is $75 plus shipping costs.

Bring the firearm to our store, along with your ID, sales receipt, contact information for the FFL Dealer we are to send it to, and pay the fee plus shipping.  From there, we will record receiving the firearm, contact the receiving FFL Dealer, and send it on it’s way, logging when it leaves our premises.

Incoming FFL Transfers Fees

FFL transfers in Mesa Arizona at B & B Pawn and GunsTo be the FFL Dealer that completes the transfer of a firearm across state lines, or an online purchase, our fee is $25 per firearm.  Once we receive it, we will begin the process of logging it in our records.  You can complete and submit our online application below.  If you have a CCW permit, please include it in the application, to expedite the process.

By law, we cannot release the firearm to the recipient until B & B Pawn and Guns agent has received clearance and approval from the background check.  Once approved, we will contact you, and let you know your firearm is ready and able to transferred to you.  Please have your valid ID, CCW if applicable, and pay the transfer to us when you come to our store.

B & B Pawn and Guns is here to serve your needs with FFL Transfers, with prompt and friendly services seven days a week!